TSRL Finale - Abu Dhabi

Opublikowany 19 lut 2021
Looking to end the season in style :D
Championship standings below!
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Capture Card: Elgato HD60 bit.ly/3ak2xhn
Fanatec DD1
Fanatec Clubsport V2 Formula Wheel
Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals
Next Level Racing GT Track cockpit
Camera settings:
Field of view: -1.00
Offset lateral: -0.60
Offset horizontal: 1.00
Angle: -1.00
Near Clip Plan: 0.00
Mirror angle: 0.00
Camera shake: 50%
FFB settings (Ingame)
Vibration and Force Feedback Strength: 65
On Track Effects: 10
Rumble strip effects: 15
Off track effects: 20
Wheel damper: 0
Wheel rotation: 360
FFB settings (Inwheel - Fanatec DD1 + Clubsport V2 wheel)
Wheel rotation: 350
FFB: 29
Shock/Vibration: 50
Natural damper: 15
Natural friction: OFF
Brake force: 10
FFB Intensity: 100
MPS Function: Auto
Steering deadzone: 0
Steering linearity: 0
Steering saturation: 0
Throttle deadzone: 15
Throttle linearity: 0
Throttle saturation: 0
Brake deadzone: 2
Brake linearity: 0
Brake saturation: 40
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  • Moaning at someone for going for an overtake then turning in on him. He may have been given unfair penalties so could have been going for the win...

  • 23.28 JDs camera settings

  • Leopards only motive was to keep you from winning.

  • Best race would be tsrl Vietnam winning with over a 20 second gap

  • Great season, so consistent. With the cherry on top at Abu Dhabi. Congrats!

  • I got rain in Bahrain so it is possible

  • Learn so much watching these races from your point of view. Congrats on the Championship.

  • No scream to end the season鈽癸笍

  • Everybody should spam, "stop looking at your chat during the race you fucking idiot" kudos! 馃槝

  • Has anyone had this experience too. I just had to downgrade from my thrustmaster TX down to a TMX. And weirdly enough, f1 2020 feels better on the tmx.

  • Please update the camera settings in tje description, to your new ones

  • I think leopard always gets a penalty every league race if u watch him

  • A big W for the last race of the season, as always you kept your cool with a clean consistent drive even with the shenanigans at the end, it took 0.5% of the shine off the season finale. But just want to say a big thank you for the streams all season long, I cant wait to see the season compilation video, there where some classic JD meltdowns this season and a couple of Limitless Roars thrown in for good measure. Good luck in the new house and cant wait to see what team you will be managing in the next chapter of your e-sports adventure 馃槈

  • yeaaaa you wonnnn

  • Leopard such an idiot.

  • Oh yea Jd, you finally change the camera option. You鈥檒l be quicker than ever.

  • 2:00:04 I respect you for not freaking out at him (although I would understand if you did)

    • @Metamonogatari tbf id say it was just heat of the moment and in his youtube video he'll say I was wrong he's just trine race as fast as he can and that he didn't leave him enough space

    • arent they SRC teammates? would not want to create tension there (which he did a good job keeping relatively calm)

    • jd didn't leave him any space and shut him off good few times

  • Great season JD, please keep doing what you do 馃檹馃徏

  • I reckon a touch more game volume would be good mate

  • Leopard what a whimp. Great drive JD

    • @Rockomax spot on

    • @MrMemes I can understand 5 second penalties, if someone touches you under sc or something but how could you get 3 removed? Only way I could see is avoiding someone but that is also avoidable in many cases, like not going 2 wide and waiting

    • @Very Nice if there were 10 laps left, I could understand Leopard trying to get passed and pull a gap, but last 2 laps and with massive dive bombs. Poor racing from Leopard.

    • @reddevilkev he had a time penalty, getting in front of jd at the end could have been a difference from 5th to 6th when penalties are applied. He is entitled to race him. Don't be the guy to spread hate, really need this to stop in the f1 community

    • Has anyone ever heard of removing 2 penalties tho?

  • Sorry for the non scream, was an intense last lap 馃槀

    • Trl your such a cringe

    • I seen the thing that helps you tremendously is, no on track penalties. Thats what i need to work on.

    • No I don鈥檛 take this as a win! You didn鈥檛 scream at the end :(

    • I literally turned down my volume

    • Leopards trying to get in your head for next season 馃槀 >: ) amazing season man 馃憡

  • Loved this season so much 鉂わ笍

  • Great job JD!

  • You realy nail it a lot of times, such clean racing, i think i saw once how you got a penalty. Realy makes fun watching you race fair and square

  • Awe Tshabalala 馃嚳馃嚘

  • good Q + some serious luck tho

    • @GeneralArmorus that other people get a penalty is their fault. If you want to win you should be fast AND clean. So not getting a penalty isn't luck but skill!!

    • @woodoo2097 also everyone getting a penalty

    • @Danny Boi Fortunate saftey car timings I woukd guess he is referring to.

    • Luck?

  • I can鈥檛 be the only one who turned the volume down at the end for nothing

  • Well done jd great race

  • Ended the season in style!!!

  • yeah penalty removal for Leopard possible so might end up higher