Trying To Have A Clean Race

Opublikowany 16 lut 2021
Avoiding dirty drivers online is a very difficult thing.
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  • His PB in race is my PB in time trial馃槶

  • Can't we all sign a petition or something to ask EA or codemasters to make a system like in CS:GO when you cheat or drive dirty your game key gets banned? I'm pretty sure the dirty driving will soon stop then.

  • Limitless, I know it's not necesarilly what you want I'm sure but I think people also target you specifically because most in the f1 game community know who you are. It may not solve every issue with dirty drivers but maybe try using different names? Make it a little more difficult for people to know it is you. In a perfect world we could find the perfect lobby but I never have lol.

  • I wish the ranked system was even slightly playable. There needs to be a way to race with a group without having to be in a league, since myself and others can't always participate at an exact time. We need to organize a big group and kick out the people who are consistent Grosjean types to have some clean lobbies.

  • This is why I hate ranked

  • you found a clean race with an FRA driver? i thought they all had massive egos?

  • Finding a clean lobby is much more difficult than getting a covid vaccination in germany 馃槱 Even worse is getting penaltys when you鈥榬e crashed by others... 馃憜 (maybe the wrong finger)

  • I usually dont write comments but here I am. You can't complain about these ppl if you drive like an arrogant Bitch too...

  • I race against that yboylewis in league racing he鈥檚 not too bad but him and I have had quite a few coming together because of how he drives

  • What is the track

  • Ban hammer would solve teletabis racing.... Why dont you try ranked lobby? It's quite some fun loosing rank and safety rating while you are the only one there to race

  • I鈥檓 slow but clean. It鈥檚 interesting to see that this is an issue even for the quick drivers lol.

  • 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Very true!


  • Imagine being NOT A LEAGUE RACER and trying to improve, so maybe you can race in a league in the future...

  • TRL Limitless when racing:馃槨馃が TRL Limitless when commentating his videos:馃槂馃榿

  • need driver ratings like gt sport

  • Can I join a lobby with you just to have a clean race too?! 馃槄 SwitishUK

  • This Yo was strong my boi

  • Good content, do you have to yo?

  • you went faster than me in in a 5 lap race when i can only do like a 1;25.2 in time trial

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  • More chance of finding IQ at Area51 than finding a clean online lobby

  • Put damage on then you wally

  • It a joke that 70% of people won't race fare if not more

  • I was in that silverstone lobby, the driving from 60 percent of the field was gross 馃あ

  • How do you start on league races?

  • Last race I did I was doing well for about 3 laps in a 25% race until a Ferrari came roaring up behind me, absolutely flying. I鈥檓 not the fastest in the world, but I鈥檓 quick enough that the speed difference shouldn鈥檛 have been possible. He then got right in front of me, brake checked me and destroyed my front wing, then dropped out of the lobby.

  • This is like one of these "Dirty Drivers F1 2020 Compilation" very frustrating


  • There's Sam Macabe as welll lol

  • Some times in open lobbies I just dont start when everyone Else does and by the time I make it part way round the lap 7/8 people have binned each other off

  • couldnt add a screenshot

  • Closed Captions; "Yo jd here churro limited" 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Even without using any ERS your about as fast as me completely pushing on a hotlap 馃槀 that's crazy

  • The most annoying ones are where you find a lobby and it's pretty clean at first. Then, when you go for the lead in the last few laps, the guy in front just hits your car on the straight when you try to overtake and you fly into the wall.

  • Do you keep a table where you put all your record lap times and sectors for the different game modes or do you remember that stuff from the top of your head?

  • On console there is a trophy for racing in 10 clean online races which is hard

  • Guys on ranked lobbies who just brake when you're about to overtake them on a straight.

  • Rename this video 'The quintessential F1 2020 online experience'

  • Try to organise a ranked lobby instead of unranked

  • You make me wanna but this game, I wanna drive like a pro 馃槀

  • JD: *inhales in front of a megaphone* Me: oh f.. JD : *YOOOOOOOOOOOOO JD HERE TRL LIMITLESS*

  • Those last couple of laps were fucking rapid man, so sick to see it onboard

  • Leagues are the online option for F1 2020

  • I'll never understand why people go into lobbies with the intent of causing crashes and nothing else. You have to be borderline braindead to do that all day

  • Naaaaaah naaaaaaah me every race also

  • Bring back the setup series 馃檹

  • Its because you're in a Mercedes, Mercedes are normally the dirty drivers so they automatically hit you when you're in a Mercedes.

  • Less than a year Sim-racing on F1 and im in AOR Tier 4.

  • always start at the back of the grid in online lobbys, that's where you have the highest chance of survival XD

  • Being on Xbox aswell if u find a clean lobby you鈥檝e just walked through the gateway to heaven

  • I can't understand why CM doesn't have a ranking system to play normal online. Separating those who drive cleanly against those who only commit incidents. A much more robust system. But as it is, you can only play in public lobbies with friends.

  • why not go in a ranked lobby? Not so many players on xbox, but when you find some dudes you can race for hours...!

  • Can I get 2 JDs and 1 churro seeing as their limited please

  • I don't bother with f12020 open lobbies. Too many dirty drivers who aren't really interested in racing. only there to ruin other's races. Join league racing or invite only with your friends or competitive drivers you have friended with. I even go back to f1 2018 and people drive cleaner there because all the dirty ones have moved on.

  • It's amazing how fast people are in a Mercedes

  • Let鈥檚 have a vote which nationalities are the repeat offenders for ramming?

  • It is near impossible to find a clean race. I wish people who had no intention to race clean would go play forza

  • 5 lapers and the wr series are my favorites. I'm a big fan of your work! 馃憤馃徎馃嚚馃嚟

  • "Cutting some grass here"馃槀馃槀

  • I agree with the 5 laps gaining confidence, I've done them for a good while and has set me up properly for 25% races and now league racing

  • Why don't you try to get the super license in Ranked lobbies? Much bigger chance of finding clean lobbies

  • this is literally how leagues are on console now a days aswell

  • IA is the best invention

  • If it makes you fell any better JD F1 2017 is still like this and there's only a few still left playing it..

  • The Red Bulls are sent from Leopard because he lost the Championship to you :D

  • All that idiots better play Mario Cart

  • Whenever i play online im always fair i try to be as clean as possible and if i make a mistake and i cause someone to crash i stop and allow them to pass me as it was my fault

  • Is JD driving a Mercedes a sign to come???

  • FRA ARCH 馃サ馃サ

  • I drived it my first time and it was the last time馃ゴ

  • This is every lobby race I鈥檓 in hahaha

  • The only thing that could be done is to have full time ghosting. But not only in f1, also on GTSport.

  • What are the camera settings jd is using?

  • Why 1:04, 3:45

  • Lap 1-4: Mercedes in pre-season testing. Lap 5: "okay Lewis, hammertime"

  • Even ranked is still so dirty, people brake checking is the most common...

  • I don't think it's that bad on PC actually. Just avoid lobbies with damage on off.

  • The captions at the intro say: "yo jd here churro limited"

  • F1 2021 needs a report system

  • Cleaner lobbies on PC than console.

  • Serious question as a beginner: how do you learn to drive clean? Anything specific tips?

  • can you show the setup please

  • I feel like racing games could make real good use of custom lobbies like Faceit and such

  • I like the videos but why does he have to shout at the beginning of the video? If you are wearing headphones, boy...

  • JD give us different tracks like Belgium, Australia, Mexico

  • churro limited lmao:-)

  • And its really frustrating for people like me who have low ranks and want to improve but its impossible because lower ranked lobbies are full of disrespectful people who have no clue on how to race against the others

  • It could be a 50% race but trust me, im changing that wing and hunting you down for 40 min to get my revenge

  • That Red Bull pairing from the start are both league racers and trust me, they aren't the cleanest 馃ぃ YboyLewis and TheHazardNFO goated 馃ぃ

    • @Expilo Not exactly but one of them did take me out in a quali session before 馃槀

    • You been straightlined by them in a league race too? 馃槀

  • Jd:"cant remember the last time I rage quit a league race". BAKU FLASHBACKS

    • But he did that after he's out of the race so this doesn't count

  • Yo jd here churro limited..These subtitles man...

    • That's what he's actually saying, lol

  • what are the camera settings?

  • Jd, u should do ranked lobby鈥檚. They are much better for battling people

  • I tried for weeks to get a 1.25.8 at Silverstone on time trial and he smashes it in a 5 lapper and has the audacity to tell me to believe in myself

  • The red bull pairing from that first Austria race straightlined the first and second chicanes at monza in an f2 league I鈥檓 in, and I was the victim of the second chicane one (hazardnfo did turn 1, yboylewis did the second chicane)

    • when everyone hates them

    • its funny how they think its funny

  • If you want the seriousness you might have to invest in an iRacing setup

  • New camera settings?