Thinking About The Long Game

Opublikowany 20 lut 2021
Pace isn't everything in competitive racing, you need race management, consistency and the ability to look at the laps ahead.
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Thumbnails/Graphics by:
Outro by:
Designer racerdesigns
Stream intro music:
Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Fanatec DD1
Fanatec Clubsport V2 Formula Wheel
Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals
Next Level Racing GT Track cockpit
Camera settings:
Field of view: -1.00
Offset lateral: -0.60
Offset horizontal: 1.00
Angle: -1.00
Near Clip Plan: 0.00
Mirror angle: 0.00
Camera shake: 50%
FFB settings (Ingame)
Vibration and Force Feedback Strength: 65
On Track Effects: 10
Rumble strip effects: 15
Off track effects: 20
Wheel damper: 0
Wheel rotation: 360
FFB settings (Inwheel - Fanatec DD1 + Clubsport V2 wheel)
Wheel rotation: 350
FFB: 29
Shock/Vibration: 50
Natural damper: 15
Natural friction: OFF
Brake force: MIN
FFB Intensity: 100
MPS Function: Auto
Steering deadzone: 0
Steering linearity: 0
Steering saturation: 0
Throttle deadzone: 15
Throttle linearity: 0
Throttle saturation: 0
Brake deadzone: 2
Brake linearity: 0
Brake saturation: 40
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  • Can we have ur camera settings

  • could you change up your camera settings in description coz they doesnt match the camera you have in game

  • sweet... perfectly judged

  • This guy even sleeps in that seat of his. Whats the point of spending every second of your live playing this boring game?

    • 1.That you don’t like the game doesn’t make it boring, lot of people enjoy it 2. He doesn’t spend every second of his life in the seat but your brain probably doesn’t have the capacity to think he does something else than stream and make PLthrow videos

  • Are those freem gloves worth the £40 they charge for them?

  • Troubleshooting with hori racing wheel wireless apex on ps4. Glitch is full accelerate and unable to steer. It was working perfectly for months. Anyone have any tip for me on how to fix this issue. Please help :(

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  • yo jd here cherly everest

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  • Flashing light doesn’t necessarily mean low ERS, it also means they’ve used up deployment for that lap whether they have ten left or ninety, it’ll still flash

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  • Now switch to cockpit view and get real!

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  • JD it seems like the mantra of this year has been patience is key for you. And it is clearly working!! Glad to see how your performance evolves in the next game!!

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  • i enjoy the videos but this guys racecraft is not very good. better off just leading so he cant take anyone out when he overtakes.


  • Can you give us this camera settings please?

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  • scip the anoying part: 0:03

  • Here is the thing i used to back in league races so you have another example : chances high of having a safety car, i gave it all in the first laps of a 100% race when i was ahead so the driver behind tried EVERYTHING to keep up and ended up over driving, after a few laps i went down on power and simply be managing a lead of a few seconds, Lewis does that and wins every race, he can let Bottas get pole lol, you don't gain anything for it.

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