Performing The Jarno Opmeer Strategy

Opublikowany 16 sty 2021
25% race around Bahrain short :D
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Thumbnails/Graphics by:
Outro by:
Designer racerdesigns
Stream intro music:
Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Fanatec DD1
Fanatec Clubsport V2 Formula Wheel
Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals
Next Level Racing GT Track cockpit
Camera settings:
Field of view: -1.00
Offset lateral: -0.60
Offset horizontal: 1.00
Angle: -1.00
Near Clip Plan: 0.00
Mirror angle: 0.00
Camera shake: 50%
FFB settings (Ingame)
Vibration and Force Feedback Strength: 65
On Track Effects: 10
Rumble strip effects: 15
Off track effects: 20
Wheel damper: 0
Wheel rotation: 360
FFB settings (Inwheel - Fanatec DD1 + Clubsport V2 wheel)
Wheel rotation: 350
FFB: 29
Shock/Vibration: 50
Natural damper: 15
Natural friction: OFF
Brake force: MIN
FFB Intensity: 100
MPS Function: Auto
Steering deadzone: 0
Steering linearity: 0
Steering saturation: 0
Throttle deadzone: 15
Throttle linearity: 0
Throttle saturation: 0
Brake deadzone: 2
Brake linearity: 0
Brake saturation: 40
Business Enquires:
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  • thumbnail is at 2:58

  • I'm in a league with friddegrums, he's an alright racer

  • Wish JD played and streamed more games like iracing

  • The yo intro is pretty annoying and cringe. Pls stop it

  • How does he make his rear view camera look like that? I can鈥檛 find it anywhere in settings?

  • 10:48 Gotta make sure you've got that Annie mission in your arsenal.

  • I *can hear YOOO* Also me: "Oh hell yeah, it's gonna be a good one!"

  • The Binotto pic killed me

  • I hate 5 lap races. No strategy or planning required. Just go all out since tires, and fuel aren't an issue. 25% races are so much more fun but more difficult to find, especially competitive 25% races. Also, did you say "annumition"? Lol @10:48

  • ash you can shee

  • hello guys, can someone tell me a good setup for joistick? Essential vibrations, slightly less sensitive acceleration. Im learning to drive on the elite 馃榾

  • whoa this is the first time i see him winning a race on this channel

  • I think you should really start adjusting brake bias for each corner or corner pairs. It helps a lot. I had 50/50 bb and lapped 1:04.5 in the Reed bull ring. Then, I lapped 1:03.5 using the tactic. So you can gain up to a second. I would move it 58 to the front for turn 1 and for the uphill turn 2, I'd change it to 61. For turn 3, I'd change it to 47. So for uphill braking zones, you should set it very biased to the front. For downhill zones, adjust it to the rear. The steeper the braking zone, the more biased you should set it to the front or back. And for level zones, set it to 55

  • That yooo from the beggining starts even before the video does

  • Voice crack at 12:43

  • Pettition for JD to yell "YO" at the top of his lungs in the next vid

  • I have a League Race at Hungary Sunday. 25% race. Any advice? I thought start on the medium then go to softs. Its hard to pass. So going longer amd let the pack spread out. What you think??

  • Anyone else want JD to write a book on how to drive in the F1 games

  • YYYOO JD here TRLRLRLRLITLESS I鈥檓 gonna make a VVVIIIIIIDEO, where I strain my VOOIIIIICE really hard so things sound more EXXCIIIIIITTIIING 馃槀

  • 10:49 ammunition?

  • Can anyone please tell me what song is that at the end?

    • @TRL Limitless I'll check it for sure mate thank you so much i thought someone else will reply but never expected a straight reply from you馃槏 thank u so much buddy馃

    • In description

  • The opmeer strategy works with everyone

  • Good video! But personally, i am waiting for your first video about ACC). Wish u all the best, good luck!

  • Just got my first sim wheel and found this channel. Super educational and fun to watch. Keep it up TRL Limitless

  • that YOOOo at the beginning sounded like a v12 passing the crown on the main straight

  • Your the man. I like when you switch up your strategy

  • Gg


  • GG

  • Yes new stratagies

  • Did u like my bits?

  • yo what鈥檚 the outro song?

  • Can you please play on ps4 sometimes?

  • Please don't bully me for going on the hard tyre ffs 馃槶馃槀馃槀

  • Another faithfull follower of S馃叡锔廼nalla

  • The Jarno strategy is to be the best on track, but the worst at rendering videos... Therefore this video is innaccurate. You need to make this in 480p when you click on the "1080p" Option... LOL

  • 00:00 Did we go back to the V10 era?

  • 1:53 sbinala

  • This *"YOOOO"* and that start have actually motivated me to study for my college exam

  • @1:35 we know he's your employee and you love him like a brother but you didn't have to ram him off the track and then scream "YOOO GG" as loud as humanly possible when you passed him 馃槀

  • 1 player vs 20 BOTS

  • When are we gonna see you and Jarno in a video ? Or is there already one ?

  • I would like to see you race with Jarno Opmeer 馃檭

  • Woah outta nowhere!!! Btw nice "JarnoOP strategy"馃ぃ馃槀

  • down the insiiiiiiiiideeee - Me everytime gettin into a turn driving irl hahahaha

  • Opmeer Nerf in next patch

  • Big s/o from South Africa!! Awesome race JD

  • 鈥淐an鈥檛 spell Opmeer without OP鈥


  • RIP headphone users

  • The race I got taken out on the last lap

  • .

  • P1 Baby P1 !!! Get in there Lewis

  • that first sector of the first lap was basically a sbinnala party


  • Nice race in Russia JD.

  • When I鈥檓 tired the YOOO always wakes me up xD

  • Not the 'alternate strategy' but the 'Jarno Opmeer strategy'馃ぃ

  • Early squad be like: "GOTTA THINK OF SOMETHING FUNNY!!!"

  • Jarno Opmeer Master馃叡锔弆an鈩笍

  • 7th. A solid points finish.

  • I think we should do jarno opmeer strategy in league racing too :D

  • That YOOOOOO actually scared me through my headphones. GG

  • Jarno be like: Look Mom I鈥檓 on PLthrow!


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    • First like then watch, that's how it goes

  • I'm so early there is only one view


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