Getting Results When You Perform Badly

Opublikowany 21 sty 2021
Sometimes it's about what results you can achieve when driving poorly in trying to claim a championship.
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Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Fanatec DD1
Fanatec Clubsport V2 Formula Wheel
Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals
Next Level Racing GT Track cockpit
Camera settings:
Field of view: -1.00
Offset lateral: -0.60
Offset horizontal: 1.00
Angle: -1.00
Near Clip Plan: 0.00
Mirror angle: 0.00
Camera shake: 50%
FFB settings (Ingame)
Vibration and Force Feedback Strength: 65
On Track Effects: 10
Rumble strip effects: 15
Off track effects: 20
Wheel damper: 0
Wheel rotation: 360
FFB settings (Inwheel - Fanatec DD1 + Clubsport V2 wheel)
Wheel rotation: 350
FFB: 29
Shock/Vibration: 50
Natural damper: 15
Natural friction: OFF
Brake force: MIN
FFB Intensity: 100
MPS Function: Auto
Steering deadzone: 0
Steering linearity: 0
Steering saturation: 0
Throttle deadzone: 15
Throttle linearity: 0
Throttle saturation: 0
Brake deadzone: 2
Brake linearity: 0
Brake saturation: 40
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  • bu video bana bunu hat谋rlatt谋

  • Letting ERS go 100% is waste of ERS.

  • That YOOOO JD HERE, absolutely makes my day after watching the last live one

  • No offence James I鈥檓 not a fan of the intro music.... would prefer if u kept it how u normally have it without music 馃憤

  • Yooo JD can you add your Camera Offset Vertical Value? Greetings

  • Just watched one of your older videos, and it really highlights just how far the "YOOOOOOOOOOOO" has come. Much more enthusiasm and hutzpah these days. 馃憤馃徎

  • Proper pronunciation for HX4K please

  • Whenever you see a JD vid and when the ads are playing you just go YO!!! as you know it's coming lol.

  • JD doing maths in a league video.

  • JD i feel like you鈥檙e actually quite unlucky because you usually yield, but the rare times that your aggressive, something usually goes wrong

  • 10:00 "Not much really happened, IT'S SOCHI AFTER ALL" 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • I can attest to the power of momentum in league racing, I鈥檓 only like the 8th fastest driver in the tier of the league I鈥檓 in on raw pace but my consistency and momentum has allowed me to have a string of P6 - P4 - P2 - P4 - P2 in my last few races, momentum can decide championships easily

  • This is more exciting than the actual F1 season! Love it man!

  • that last move was not fair by you you did not choose either side and cust coverd of where he wanted to go i know its hard to say that it was you beeing unfair but it for sure wasnt a clean move

  • Perform "poorly" not "badly" If you did well you wouldn't say, i performed "goodly"

    • because "goodly" isnt even a word. "well" is the adverb of "good", and you could definitely say "i performed well". "badly" fits just fine here.

  • League racing videos are probably the best videos! I don't even skip a single part!


  • Thanks for the all great comments and stay safe and I love your car

  • how do you get the name TRL?

  • Dominik should try out rallying instead

  • JD hope u noticed that you had good luck with the disconnection in front pf you. The crash & penalty got you the podium. Dont wanna jinx you but it looks like the badick streek is over

  • I won my Russia race today

  • I'm simracer but I don't drive F1 games but I'm a fan of F1 so I watch JD's F1 streams. Started watching from F1 2018 leagues. I see Perondi has improved his racecraft a lot. Has he switched to a wheel because he doesn't do any sudden moves as he did years ago? JD saying he doesn't like Sochi = I don't like Austria. So easy track ... to get it wrong. You have a bad first corner and want to get back at least 0.05s but you lose even more and at the end of the lap you are down almost a second. Next lap you probably have overcooked tires so you lose half a second minimum... and so on. I really hate Red Bull Ring even though its layout would suggest it's an easy track.

  • 4:29 that鈥檚 a squeeze if I ever seen one. Ggs anyway

  • i think why you are slower than normal and don't like tracks like Sochi or Bahrain is because you have a smoother driving style, brake long even through the corner and having a bigger apex speed with a late apex, much like Lorenzo in Motogp. Keep up the good work!


  • the only good things at Sochi are Turn 3 and the cool Pitlane entry and exit and Russia is the only track where the Strart/Finish DRS zone's Measuring point is behind the Start/Finish line

  • sochi is the only track in the calendar of 2020, 2019 or InGame2020 without a hairpin or something that comes close to it like Luffield

  • Commentary is very professional 馃憦

  • What you doing with your life? Uhm i sit in a chair with a steeringwheel pretending im a F1 driver. Ahh ok

    • @NetGamer SK_11 im saying ahh ok...why you have to be so defensive? And you can try to talk me down... But all i say is bitcoin...good luck at work tomorrow...say hi to your boss for me 馃ぃ

    • Omegalul. Anyone can spend their free time as they want, especially if fulfills their life. He has got stable job, he is manager of the F1 esports team. He probably achieved more than you will ever have while you try to compromise your complexes in the comments. How pathetic is that.

    • now the M L version: What you doing with your life? Uhm I waste my time on the Internet looking at videos of a person sitting in a chair pretending to be an F1 driver, while criticising said person for his life choices. Ahh OK

  • Hearing that 鈥淵OOOOO JD HERE鈥 after a long day hits different


  • Do you know if the equal cars in TT are real equal or are there still some small differences like in multiplayer?? Good luck with the last few races of the season!!馃挭馃挭馃憡馃憡

  • Why TRL Martin and Smasher are not shown in the championship standings?

  • F for McCabe

  • maybe you can use more ERS in the beginning of the race so you can get in the 5 tenth window so you can save up ERS

  • Your videos are always so positive and motivational, one of my leagues starts today and i'm a bit nervous but watching your video helped with that. Hope you have a great week, cheers!

  • What is a in lap? (new to f1)

    • Lap before the pit stop :)

  • This video title can easily be taken out of context lol

  • Headphones users have no doubt about the fact McCabe Sam has made a huuuuuuge mistake 馃ぃ

  • Trl limitless: Great driver Terrible quick maths

  • 17:57 scared the shit outta me

  • the way jd commentates is so amazing

  • i think along the video you should make more explanations or instant replays with closer looks at your mistakes so you can teach us and you can understand even better the issues you make :)

  • he did a mistake the last lap and decided to divebomb from 2 car lengths behind. Every guy in this league is fast af but more than half of them don't know how to race..

  • 1982 champ (1win all season) Keke Rosberg would agree with your consistency comment

  • Does TSRL have a discord or something like that and if so how do I join? Thanks

  • JD is the TSRL version of Lewis Hamilton Always winning the championship and always consistent

  • Roses are red Ferrari is sad And Leopard get his penalty

    • Nice try stealing someone's joke

  • JD, you always leave-a de space!

  • I got scared from that yoooo xD

  • Hey JD, watched your Japan stream recently and I鈥檓 looking forward to the Friday TSRL Japan too. You was revving to the max of gear 5 consistently in sector 1 and maxing out in other sectors too, does this damage/reduce the engine power output? Just something to consider for Friday

    • It'll produce slightly more heat in the engine which eventually reduces power output if it gets too high, but it's not an issue as long as you watch the temps and cool the engine down by going into lean fuel mix like JD does a lot.

  • guys is the logitech g29 a good wheel for entry level? im planning on playing a lot of f1 but im also interested in like assetto corsa, raceroom etc. And next question: when do you guys think the prices will go down? i saw a vid of a guy reviewing it today and he could get it on amazon for like 160gbp. That's like 180 euros, right now its going for 239 or higher.....

    • Yes it is! I got one about a year ago alongside with the playseat challenge and my pace has gone way better vs the controller

  • Really awesome seeing/hearing a bit more about you on Tommo's Podcast!!!

    • @Leroy Edwards Here it is mate :)

    • Do you have a link to the podcast?

  • I was waiting for this, thanks dad!

  • Great Video! Great content!

  • Hey JD, I got little tip for you. Watching your brakes telemetetry I see you still have v1.30 update for v3 pedals. That's why your braking is not at all smooth and during braking your car go little unbalance. Also I see you are using braking saturation for "smoothing" your brakes. That's really fanatec fault, But resently there was new update for v3 pedals V.1.31. This is direct quote on fanatec "Improved smoothness of the load cell / brake pedal signal." I tell you it really works and this have been big game changer for me as v3 pedal user! Wish this message reaches you and you have soon best brakes for league races.

    • @TRL Limitless please use lithium grease or silicone grease if you haven't yet, smoothness of the brake is super important.

    • And btw read description before updating pedals. V3 should be directly updated via USB. Pedals need to be plugged in via USB for the firmware update. Never connect pedals via USB and RJ12 at the same time!

    • @TRL Limitless Let me know how you like it, I personally love it how v3 braking works now 馃憣Good lucks

    • Thank you will try it 馃憡

  • How do you go so faaaast??!! If I try to go a little bit faster, I immediately spin. I have no assists exept lines in the corners.

    • @AFRO DOG i have logitech g920 steering wheel

    • I鈥檓 the same except for med traction control I play on controller byw

    • What do you play on?

  • 360p????

  • 360p??

  • Here we are with a 360p video Thanks PLthrow

  • Only 360 p?

  • The YYYOOOO is now getting scary


  • One the First people to watch Love it ;)

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  • 360p gang wya ?

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  • love the vids, keep it up music is sick

  • roses are red ferrari is sad but when JD uploads i click fast edit: wow thanks for the likes guys

    • @Roan Mu帽oz ok.

    • Ferrari 16 constructors Championships, not sad but the best team in history 馃槓

    • @Doom yea i realize that

    • Doesn鈥檛 rhyme but cool

  • YOOOOOO, i love it so badly

  • Well I guessed the title of this video completely wrong. 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

  • Early 馃グ

  • first

  • 15 second. You love to see it. Love your videos bro you鈥檝e gotten me into this game.

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