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1:59:40TSRL S12 - Round 5 - Canada
TSRL S12 - Round 5 - Canadawyświetleń 53KDzień temu
25:38Driving Back Into The Championship Fight
Driving Back Into The Championship Fightwyświetleń 49K20 godzin temu
20:47The Worst Track For League Racing
The Worst Track For League Racingwyświetleń 55K20 godzin temu
1:37:25WOR  - Round 4 - Baku
WOR - Round 4 - Bakuwyświetleń 51K20 godzin temu
20:39The Most Underrated Track
The Most Underrated Trackwyświetleń 52K20 godzin temu
2:08:56TSRL S12 - Round 4 - Monza
TSRL S12 - Round 4 - Monzawyświetleń 63K7 dni temu
23:28The Toughest Driver To Battle Against
The Toughest Driver To Battle Againstwyświetleń 60K7 dni temu
1:21:57SRC  - Round 10 - Silverstone
SRC - Round 10 - Silverstonewyświetleń 35K7 dni temu
21:11Returning To F1 Esports
Returning To F1 Esportswyświetleń 69K7 dni temu
1:20:46WOR  - Round 3 - Zandvoort
WOR - Round 3 - Zandvoortwyświetleń 47K7 dni temu
25:54The Most Intense Track To League Race on
The Most Intense Track To League Race onwyświetleń 85K14 dni temu
24:16The Power of The Undercut
The Power of The Undercutwyświetleń 78K14 dni temu
1:33:46WOR  - Round 2 - Bahrain
WOR - Round 2 - Bahrainwyświetleń 49K14 dni temu
20:5329 Laps of Full Wet At Australia
29 Laps of Full Wet At Australiawyświetleń 49K14 dni temu
2:12:36TSRL S12 - Round 3 - Bahrain short
TSRL S12 - Round 3 - Bahrain shortwyświetleń 42K21 dzień temu
20:27The Default Setup Masterclass
The Default Setup Masterclasswyświetleń 44K21 dzień temu
25:22Trying To Secure The Hardest Point
Trying To Secure The Hardest Pointwyświetleń 39K21 dzień temu
1:29:41WOR  - Round 1 - Australia
WOR - Round 1 - Australiawyświetleń 36K21 dzień temu
2:03:11TSRL S12 - Round 2 - Circuit of the Americas
10:21The Reason Why You Shouldn't Quit
The Reason Why You Shouldn't Quitwyświetleń 51KMiesiąc temu
1:59:46TSRL S12 - Round 1 - Silverstone
TSRL S12 - Round 1 - Silverstonewyświetleń 44KMiesiąc temu
24:21My TSRL Season 11 Journey
My TSRL Season 11 Journeywyświetleń 30KMiesiąc temu
17:19Driving With a New Confidence
Driving With a New Confidencewyświetleń 57KMiesiąc temu
23:43The Reverse Grid Masterclass
The Reverse Grid Masterclasswyświetleń 65KMiesiąc temu
1:34:56SRC - Round 6 - Hungary
SRC - Round 6 - Hungarywyświetleń 30KMiesiąc temu
22:18Attempting The Comeback
Attempting The Comebackwyświetleń 50KMiesiąc temu


  • Yooooooooo JD Showing up the highest racing level since old times, Greetings¡¡¡

  • 9:11 i dont get this. Get is not getting DRS and he decided to not use ERS. Right after in the main straight he uses full ERS... why didnt he use it before to get DRS and then save some ERS? 11:00 again..

  • u can't exceed track limits if ur not on the track

  • Really I hope I don’t make anyone mad but being from the USA I HAVE HAD IT with Hass they suck take the best driver in F1 HAM. he would come in 20th what a joke should be in F2 not F1 enough said !!! Sorry JD just very frustrated every race 19th and 20th

  • Briliant😎👍

  • Buy BITCOIN !!!

  • ez clap well done, overtake was fair.

  • I love your videos bro. Helps me with my driving

  • Will Limitless ever join ORL

  • Great race mate! Nothing u could of done regarding critch deffo not your fault

  • You've done everything right there at the end of the race. Left room for Critch and you had the corner since you're ahead, so... I have no clue what Critch was doing there. GG, great pace and consistency there JD

  • That Critch situation at the end was unfortunate, but I think it’s just impossible to do a 2 wide in that chicane, you were in front so he should’ve conceded position if he were smart. He could’ve brought it home at P3/P4

  • why He is not in the same team every race?

  • De-sync Critch, am I right

  • JD: This is my worst track I think Also JD: Wins

  • It's impossible to go side by side into the final corner. You had the racing line JD so all the blame goes on Critch for keeping his nose in there and wanting to go side by side with u

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  • That was JD's corner for sure, he has been ahead already, so he could choose the racing line. Critch desperatly wanted to defend and unfortunately overbraked himself. He should have backed off and tried another go next lap. Nevertheless great driving from top-3, Antoine is frickin rapid also.

  • i hate missing these live but glad i can still watch!

  • wtf is with the gear unrealistic

  • Dude saying you needed to win races cause it wasn’t fun has been real quiet since then

  • The incident with critch, from what it was on your screen, and what we can make out with the proximity arrows, he broke early and accelerated mid braking zone to have his nose in

  • I think you left enough room. Plus you had the racing line and was probably ahead. He should of conceded the corner. Dont take a chicane 2 wide.

  • ok now it is no longer yooooo it is now officially yeeeeeeooooooo

  • Two in a row mate! Congrats! Cheers!!!!!!!!

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Sooo Schummy! Luv it!

  • 1:54:39 look at the satifaction of JD's face looooool

  • Critch out braked himself. He braked at the normal braking point but for on the racing line so unless he wanted to cut the chicane he wasn't making it

  • Came for the "Overtake", stayed for the "This is the closest he's ever been!" :D

  • rocket league is just different here ❤️

  • Good video TRl Limitless😃👍

  • “Cue warning for headphone users”

  • Actually enjoying this friendly TRL-Leopard rivalry, love that you guys always seem to race each other hard.

  • good video dude😃👍

  • Wow, you drove such a great race. You left literally everyone behind. The incident in my eyes was Critch's faul. In his POV he went far to the left side of the track and miscalculated space, so when you started to turn in for the corner he didn't react at time, which caused the contact and spun. If he would kept more to the left even slightly, it wouldn't happen. Nice race mate! PS: your content inspired me and I bought F1 for myself even though I'm on controller and it's my first game where I don't use assists I really enjoy it playing :) keep up the great work.

  • Well done fantastic pace no penaltys😱😱

  • Great race, you definitely had the pass done and then gave him plenty room. Great duel between the two of you, just a shame he didn't come in P2

  • Totally critch's fault, he was a car behind when you started braking! So no worries at all, gg jd!!

  • Get in there James!

  • GG. Superb drive. With Critch you left plenty of room the lag was just really bad so it was hard to tell where he would end up when you went side by side with him.

  • JD I believe it is a Xbox glitch with the game crashing. I was league racing at the same time and my whole game along with most other people just tabbed out. And annoyingly I didn’t get a soft run in so I started towards the back

  • What on earth was Critch doing? That was by miles your line. Critch would have been better off being patient and then trying to repass.

  • Bom simulador

  • Dam solid race there dude. well deserved, well done.

  • how to your camera settings?

  • Master class 👏

  • What a drive James what a drive, well deserved

  • Champ champ OG

  • Terrific driving

  • critch tried to send it up the inside when he was too far behind.. no fault JD at all

  • Yes 👍 good win now really back in the championship

  • 2 in a row so nice maybe now the next championship but I don‘t to put the pressure up to you

  • Awesome dude

  • Not sure where Critch was going there. Antoine almost made that strategy work. Well done JD, clean as always

    • @switchback37 you must be abysmal at parties

    • Correction. Antoine did make it work. He Finished First on track. And started P4. Just the penalty got him.

  • Funny how nobody won the first race

  • Great reace you absolutly deserved this one.

  • Great job! Hard to tell where Sync Critch was with the lagging footage

  • Nice one mate! Always happy to see you taking the P1

  • happy days, one of my top 3 tracks.

  • At first I thought it was JD's fault but in slomo it's clear that he already had passed Critch and Critch sent it anyway. So don't think you're to blame. GG 👊🏼

    • timestamp for incident?? thx.

    • @OMG4life you're right, I checked the TSRL Twitch and it was clear that Critch drove in to JD. Sorry for him but Critch made a mistake himself...

    • @Cachi Galiano Critch posted his POV on his Twitter @EthanCritch1

    • @OMG4life do you have critch's pov?? i would like to watch it

    • @OMG4life even from his pov it was a no-sense move. Jd didn't even started to turn, and critch was going to the left and did hit jd rear tyre. Imagine if jd had spun, idk if he really doesn't deserve those penalties.. i mean, you can't turn to the left in the straights while oppo has overtaken you but its rear tyre is still there 😅

  • 2 in a row, awesome mate🙌 you deserved it

  • Get the fuck in there!!!!!!

  • Absolut bossed it made

  • Critch already spun before they reached the corner

  • gg Jd you deserve this great drive

  • Who is your teammate

  • lets see how much .... "WE HAVE SEEEEVVVEEEENNNTTTTYYYY PERCENT of the ERS" dude, you are such a nice guy :-D

  • You sound like Alain Prost from lap 20

  • You are way too competitive in this and I absolutely love it! 😂

  • Great video and edits. Can’t believe you have dislikes on here.

  • In your google Document is LEOPARD on #4 in Monza, but result he was #7 !?

  • Finally

  • When will you drive a Hass F1 car?

  • Anyone pre order F1 2021 today? I did just working on what I have learned from JD Yo I am a OG of NASCAR online from the USA for many years but I do like F1 in only my second year I used to really like NASCAR 2 Road corse they had back in the day, now they have 6 road corse, if only F1 had 38 Drivers instead of all of us knowing that one of 3 Drivers will win this weekend in F1 I hope 21 will have the temps on time trails even gas mix and ERS you Rock JD

  • 22:46 fuck in there?!? 😂

  • What does trl stand for?

  • Please stop shouting eeeeyooow in the beginning. very very annoying to the ears.