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My channel is dedicated to show F1 2020 content in the form of league racing, setups, hotlaps, tips and other general F1 related content!

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2:07:24TSRL S12 - Round 7 - China
TSRL S12 - Round 7 - Chinawyświetleń 68K7 dni temu
23:41Trying The High Risk Strategy
Trying The High Risk Strategywyświetleń 63K7 dni temu
25:26Trying To Win At All Costs
Trying To Win At All Costswyświetleń 76K14 dni temu
1:09:59WOR  - Round 6 - Silverstone
WOR - Round 6 - Silverstonewyświetleń 50K14 dni temu
2:15:34TSRL S12 - Round 6 - Mexico
TSRL S12 - Round 6 - Mexicowyświetleń 62K14 dni temu
26:22The Perfectly Managed League Race
The Perfectly Managed League Racewyświetleń 78K14 dni temu
26:21Driving Smarter Than Your Opponents
Driving Smarter Than Your Opponentswyświetleń 78K21 dzień temu
1:22:34WOR  - Round 5 - France
WOR - Round 5 - Francewyświetleń 50K21 dzień temu
1:59:40TSRL S12 - Round 5 - Canada
TSRL S12 - Round 5 - Canadawyświetleń 64K21 dzień temu
25:38Driving Back Into The Championship Fight
Driving Back Into The Championship Fightwyświetleń 64K21 dzień temu
20:47The Worst Track For League Racing
The Worst Track For League Racingwyświetleń 62K28 dni temu
1:37:25WOR  - Round 4 - Baku
WOR - Round 4 - Bakuwyświetleń 54K28 dni temu
20:39The Most Underrated Track
The Most Underrated Trackwyświetleń 59KMiesiąc temu
2:08:56TSRL S12 - Round 4 - Monza
TSRL S12 - Round 4 - Monzawyświetleń 66KMiesiąc temu
23:28The Toughest Driver To Battle Against
The Toughest Driver To Battle Againstwyświetleń 67KMiesiąc temu
1:21:57SRC  - Round 10 - Silverstone
SRC - Round 10 - Silverstonewyświetleń 36KMiesiąc temu
21:11Returning To F1 Esports
Returning To F1 Esportswyświetleń 73KMiesiąc temu
1:20:46WOR  - Round 3 - Zandvoort
WOR - Round 3 - Zandvoortwyświetleń 48KMiesiąc temu
25:54The Most Intense Track To League Race on
The Most Intense Track To League Race onwyświetleń 91KMiesiąc temu
24:16The Power of The Undercut
The Power of The Undercutwyświetleń 83KMiesiąc temu
1:33:46WOR  - Round 2 - Bahrain
WOR - Round 2 - Bahrainwyświetleń 50KMiesiąc temu
20:5329 Laps of Full Wet At Australia
29 Laps of Full Wet At Australiawyświetleń 53KMiesiąc temu
2:12:36TSRL S12 - Round 3 - Bahrain short
TSRL S12 - Round 3 - Bahrain shortwyświetleń 44KMiesiąc temu
20:27The Default Setup Masterclass
The Default Setup Masterclasswyświetleń 46KMiesiąc temu
25:22Trying To Secure The Hardest Point
Trying To Secure The Hardest Pointwyświetleń 41KMiesiąc temu
1:29:41WOR  - Round 1 - Australia
WOR - Round 1 - Australiawyświetleń 37KMiesiąc temu
2:03:11TSRL S12 - Round 2 - Circuit of the Americas
10:21The Reason Why You Shouldn't Quit
The Reason Why You Shouldn't Quitwyświetleń 53KMiesiąc temu


  • Even though what he did was not unacceptable, hes getting treated kind of harshly. Its not his fault 100%.

  • nonce

  • TRL in your professional opinion can you achieve these times with a controller ?

  • just before he got knocked out he also left leopard no space

  • lma

  • Wel guys this was it then thx JD for making content

  • For how long he will be in prison?

  • JD where have you been? It's been a week now.

  • No video uploaded this week?

  • Tbh it's a bit funny that being a youtuber is almost like being a policeman, you got to have a clean record or your career is over lol. Sure if allegations are true he's a bit of a weirdo, but a) age of consent in some countries is 14, so it wouldn't even be a big deal in some places, like for example Germany b) I don't think he did much more than talking, that girl would have probably revealed that by now. Anyway, the case should be probably judged in a court and not youtube comments section. If he's found guilty then he should face the consequences, but I don't see a problem in him returning to youtube afterwards. Once again, he's not a policeman and he's channel is about freaking racing and not about idk children fashion xD it's only up to the people if they can accept him

  • His favourite quote was: Fail to plan, plan to fail. Yeah you really messed up your plan here my man

  • Great video thanks for the hard work you put in to the commentary 👍🏽. This is the hardest track for me I’m always getting damaged

  • What's going on????

  • Hope it doesn't end like this all the best jd

  • Thanks for the times JD, I will miss u. U probably won't remember me, but I raced against u in TSRL 2 seasons ago :( Even though it was only for one race at Hungary. I had a short league racing career but it has been a pleasure and I enjoyed every moment in that race, even though u nearly lapped me :P All the best, stay strong!

  • 1:00:00

  • what u did was uneceptable for anyone to do and then to try and denie it and then dissapear from the planet is just so cowardly to do!

  • What happened to him???

    • Girija The Saviour I mean realistically all he needs to do is make a new Xbox account with a discreet GT etc switching platforms seems abit OTT. He’s dumb for going on his main account and thinking nobody would notice and not take him out

    • He is banned by all major leagues on Xbox and PC. He joined an online lobby and everyone took him out so he is as good as done. There is a rumour that he is switching platforms and signing up with one of the major Leagues on PS, United Racing League and that's the last update about him but all things considered it's very unlikely we will ever see him again.

  • EDP - Fist pump 😀

  • U seem to have a problem with 8th gear

  • Damn this man really was down that bad bruh??🤣I was reading comments so confused but damn that’s sad

  • Where are the streams mate?

    • He has been blacklisted/removed from all the leagues for messaging a 14 year old girl few years ago look on twitter

  • Nonce

  • Hey JD, you're still a great guy. Mistakes happen and it's time to face the consequences. We all have done some serious mistakes we are not proud of, but there doesn't make us a bad person. An apology doesn't make things unhappen but maybe you feel better if you make a short video where you can explain yourself and talk with us. We all are still fans of your great work and you entertained us for years. You are a part of a big F1 community and we still love you.

    • @Townicus you shall shut up

    • @Brandon Shut up

    • I agree with you Dieter. Mistakes are human, even the worst mistake isn't unforgivable but everyone tries to judge over Limitless. But nobody and it is really nobody is allowed to judge over him and this situation. He has to stay, to what he has done and he will. I think JD will come back later on, thinking about it, and than going to hold his head in the sun for it! Still be a support of him! And this girl just tries to destroy a lot of lives from other men as well. I think she isn't that brave as well...

    • @Mr Winner I never wrote it was a minor mistake. Many people will judge you for the mistakes you made and I tried to tell him that he has still an active community that supports his work on youtube. But (and that's my opinion without knowing her feelings and circumstances). When I'm a 14 years old girl and getting sexually assaulted, I tell it my parents immediately. Would you wait 5 years, when you feel really uncomfortable about it? JD is a really self-reflected person and he knows what he has done wrong. And sometimes it's a bit difficult to explain your opinion when English isn't your mother tongue and I choose the wrong words.

    • He knew her age and kept going regardless. That's not simply ''a mistake''

  • WHY JD, WHY😢

  • Man I loved watching this guy Friday and Monday nights, if what he did was real then it is truly disgusting but jd needs to pluck up the courage to publicly apologise to the person that he did it to and the F1 community, hopeful the does and I hope this guy returns better

  • what 's going on with JD's Channel??

    • a girl on twitter released screenshots of DMs of JD trying to get into her pants when she was 14, and he knew it. been a big jd fan for a while now but i’m super disappointed in hearing this. man needs to own up to it and make tangible steps to prove he’s put in work to better himself as a person

  • Why jd why you’ve let us all down!

  • Thanks for all these beautiful moments of f1 and league racing .... u are the reason I bought a wheel and started playing competitive😔

  • Went from softs to hard too early, have the life strategy of a ferrari

  • Why it's not on Russian? Nobody post it's on Russian. I will try to understand. Thank you for video

  • i said maybeeeeeeee

  • How on earth could you do that! I started watching 7 months ago and I enjoyed! But this! This is disappointing never expected that... you disappointed a lot people who watched you James. I’m sorry but the least I can do is unsub.

    • youre the first person to address him by his actual name

  • Damn it was shocking.

  • Williams 1-2

  • Ahh the days before we found out he was a nonce... JD... you have to face up to what you did. You cant just deny clear evidence and when you do deny it, think what it's doing to the victim. It just makes you look even worse.

  • One of these days I would like to see a video of someone using a PS4 controller, ds4windows, and gyroscope steering in F1. Poor man's steering wheel. Should be more precise vs the analog stick.

  • What did JD do...I looked on Twitter but couldn’t find anything?

    • Apparently about 5 years ago he was texting or actually flirting with a 14 year old girl. The worst thing is he knew about her age and now all this has come up to light. Never 100% believe what’s being said on the internet but the fact that jd didn’t respond anything apart from that tweet and doesn’t upload anymore makes me think that all this really happened sadly

  • JD get the podium advanced paddle module!!! more buttons!!!!

  • Why did you have to DO THAT JD :( !!!!!! Who are we going to watch on Mondays and Fridays now !!!!!!!!

  • F1 2020 xbox league lobby>shit>xbox F1 2019 league lobby(in fair racing)

  • aint coming back now


  • Damn you speak too much man!stfu sometimes!!!

  • Yoooooooooooooooo

  • Limitless' final win

  • Well I don’t know what to say. I enjoyed the streams and videos from you. I even enjoyed racing with you from time to time. But I hope you sort something out and apologies to what you have done. I would never have thought someone like you would do such a thing. Although, I’m really hoping it’s a fake allegation

  • Yeah Monaco is such a great track you can be a second faster and you can't pass stupid track waste of a race weekend

  • Truly going to miss the tsrl/wor streams. Been a great time even though I was a part of it for like half a year

  • RIP this channel

  • Trying the High risk strategy is certainly right, I don't think the gamble is paying off😂

    • He went from softs to Hards way too earlier I think 😂

  • Now that was some quality racing