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My channel is dedicated to show F1 2020 content in the form of league racing, setups, hotlaps, tips and other general F1 related content!

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13:15Attempting The Hungary F1 2020 Event
Attempting The Hungary F1 2020 Eventwyświetleń 43KDzień temu
1:40:51F1 2020 social race - Bahrain \u0026 Brazil
23:54The Perfect Way To End A Championship
The Perfect Way To End A Championshipwyświetleń 46KDzień temu
1:36:46F1 Esports Challengers LIVE watchalong
F1 Esports Challengers LIVE watchalongwyświetleń 22KDzień temu
24:08Racing Against A Future Esports Champion
Racing Against A Future Esports Championwyświetleń 39KDzień temu
17:03Thinking About The Long Game
Thinking About The Long Gamewyświetleń 39K7 dni temu
2:04:46TSRL Finale - Abu Dhabi
TSRL Finale - Abu Dhabiwyświetleń 47K7 dni temu
1:39:56SRC - Round 5 - France
SRC - Round 5 - Francewyświetleń 36K7 dni temu
12:25Trying To Have A Clean Race
Trying To Have A Clean Racewyświetleń 53K7 dni temu
1:34:41WOR - Round 22 - Abu Dhabi
1:59:01TSRL - Round 21 - Brazil
TSRL - Round 21 - Brazilwyświetleń 45K
1:20:41First League Race With The New Rig
9:03League Racing RAGE MOMENTS 1
2:01:21TSRL - Round 20 - Mexico
TSRL - Round 20 - Mexicowyświetleń 52K
10:01Deploying The Human DRS
Deploying The Human DRSwyświetleń 56K
1:29:26WOR - Round 20 - Mexico
WOR - Round 20 - Mexicowyświetleń 43KMiesiąc temu
11:27How To Maximise Your Results On F1 2020
How To Maximise Your Results On F1 2020wyświetleń 39KMiesiąc temu
1:55:26TSRL - Round 19 - Circuit Of The Americas
TSRL - Round 19 - Circuit Of The Americaswyświetleń 47KMiesiąc temu
17:43Trying To Set The World Record At Mexico (F1 2020)
24:07Performing The Perfect League Race
Performing The Perfect League Racewyświetleń 66KMiesiąc temu
1:30:26WOR - Round 19 - Circuit of the Americas
WOR - Round 19 - Circuit of the Americaswyświetleń 46KMiesiąc temu
16:54Trying To Win From Last At Silverstone Short
1:58:31TSRL - Round 18 - Suzuka
TSRL - Round 18 - Suzukawyświetleń 54KMiesiąc temu
21:15Getting Results When You Perform Badly
Getting Results When You Perform Badlywyświetleń 45KMiesiąc temu
1:40:21SRC - Round 2 - Vietnam
SRC - Round 2 - Vietnamwyświetleń 39KMiesiąc temu


  • Why are you wearing gloves mate

  • Boohooman as a sponsor wow lucky man. Congratulations

  • His PB in race is my PB in time trial😭

  • That logo is annoying af in the middle of the screen

  • Hey! Love your content. But always wondered how you changed the rearwiev camera so it shows more of the car?

  • Back again

  • LCR Leopard is the virtual version of Kevin Magnussen xD

  • Tommo says that he thinks your intro is inspired by soldier boy. Is this true?

  • Brilliant race, and i kept out of trouble most of the time. CAR 56..

  • #boohooMan

  • #boohooman

  • #boohooMan

  • #boohooMan

  • #boohooman

  • vibin in the ritz car

  • Sick video as always. #boohooMan

  • #boohooman

  • So they changed the William's livery? now it has a rainbow

  • Always good to watch you videos, I have learned a lot by just watching you !

  • You only won because you scored more points. You only won because you followed the rules. You only won because you drove faster. What a bunch of crybabies.

  • You def. need to have a more stable setup for the race than you do in quali or TT. Especially with the classic cars. Since you can't run in MAX fuel mode, there's less downforce, and the 11 ballast just makes it too unstable to battle. With clear air in a race, you can set fast lap times. But when it comes time to go wheel to wheel, the 11 ballast makes it impossible to fight. You either have to run higher wings for stability, or you give up stability for outright speed. Too much of a gap between strength and weakness to reliably fight.

  • That second to last and last corner ruin this track for me. Maybe I haven't learned it well enough, but it's an akward corner. The hairpin before the straight is really satisfying though. It's almost like Hungary except it's banked.

  • Nice Clothing actually looks sick!

  • I was 3 secs behind ricciardo when he got his issue. Actually, did he get an issue on this? So P5, yeah. I'm usually a 90 AI player on this track

  • I find the controller harder to master.

  • “And you can get pole if you do a perfect lap.” - TRL Limitless 👌

  • The sponsor scared me a little

  • is it just me or do you sound a bit like jimmy broadbent

  • #boohooman

  • nice my play

  • you should do the challenge again but with a williams also nice vid btw keep up the good work!

  • #BooHoo Man

  • #bohooman

  • It's all about MAXIMUM ATTACK

  • 0:44 Say the truth JD, Do you really go to gym??

  • Did you know Boohoo pay their employers 29p an hour which, even by Pakistans standards, is quite bad

  • The rather yoo This is too loud That's 10/10

  • Why is the video so weirdly zoomed in? Premier fucked up?

  • 16th?!!!!!!

  • Number 11111

  • My volume was all the way up, all I heard was YOOOOOO!!!!! JD hErE! XD

  • Do you need PS+ to do it on PS4?

  • Damn congrats getting sponsored by BoohooMAN!!!!

  • Leopard just pushed too hard. I hate those kind of drivers, just agressively forcing you in a mistake isn't being faster... Or smarter... You just waste both of your time. I call that move a straight divebomb, just braking so late is just bs.

  • #boohoo man

  • 10:18 "a corner i remember very very well" Me: I understood that reference

  • Me casually clicks on trl limitless video Him: yooooooooooooo

  • #boohooman

  • Interesting.. weren't bohoo caught up in a modern slavery scandal last year?

  • This câmera is real,Very immersive!

  • #boohooman

  • Do you use the cockpit view or the air intake view?

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  • Ты молодец, Джеймс)

  • 10:21 we do all remember that. ~Amazed oT

  • That yooo almost broke my headphones bruv

  • Me: seeing a new event oh wow Also me: seeing hungary oh ciao🙂

  • I just bought a jacket from boohoo man wish I would've waited so I could support. Maybe I'll pick something else up.

  • Hey Limitless love you man keep up the great work. quick question would you try any other racing games like ACC or Iracing just cause you have the absolute talent in formula 1 you could definitely be fast in other games.

  • Those clothes are horrible man ahaha

  • f1 2019 : TRL “extra rotation” Limitless f1 2020: TRL “black box” Limitless

  • Why aren't you in a E-sports team, i mean i think you are good enough for it.

  • You sayed you will Show your Setups After the TSRL Season! I Need some!🙏😅

  • Well deserved win in the championship

  • thats a big yo

  • Don't know which things mattered more, but several things to try - lower ballast (you looked oversteery over 40% tire wear anyway), lean in corners, less fuel to start (compounds with the ballast). Hopefully traction control isn't the answer!

    • and set up may have been a bit too aggressive (roll bar/suspension difference/transmission)

    • I would say less short shifts and the down shifts a bit more smoothly

    • @Starlight Squadron I did not see him short shifting on the straights but I do think it had a more significant effect than he thought

    • 2004 the cars had tc on

    • And not short shifting on the straights

  • Por qué tan arriesgado? Solo google RJVX12 y no te preocupes por las tasas de cripto

  • RJVX12-la mejor inversión si quieres ganar crypto

  • El algoritmo RJVX12 es mi elección, no me preocupan las tasas de BTC en absoluto

  • Sí Sí! Lea todo, y luego decir que usted no sabía algoritmo RJVX12!

  • Por qué hacer un análisis si hay algoritmo RJVX12? Ofrecen ingresos pasivos de BTC

  • Don't know how, but I didn't realize this was in Hungary until I REALLY watched the last lap and realized that the corners looked familiar 😂

  • where do I find your camera settings?

    • In the description

  • Stop chewing your nails JD

    • Yeah sorry, bad habit for the past 15 years 😂